Exchange & Return

I am not satisfied with the item, can I return it?

Yes, of course! You have 14 days right under Swedish distance selling law to return your item. You must contact customer service before returning your item. You have the right to examine the goods you have purchased. But to cancel the purchase your item must be in the so-called essentially unchanged condition. Due to hygienic reasons your item cannot be used or tested.
If you receive your goods and discover that it does not match the one you ordered, if it is damaged, or have other defects, please contact the customer service directly, but within 14 days after you received your item. Please describe what is wrong with the product. Have your order confirmation on hand to facilitate customer service.
You will agree with the customer service about what you want: Refund or new product. If you choose a refund, we will transfer your money within 30 days.
You will get the address where to return the item and as soon as we receive the item and approve the condition, we will send you a new product or refund your money. You will have to pay for the return shipment cost.

How do I get Warranty Service?

DeFunc provides a Limited Warranty Period of one (1) year. If you wish to make a Warranty Claim within this period, you need to provide proof of purchase and affected part. Please proceed as following:

  • If bought at a retailer, the first step is to go back to the store of the purchase and make your Warranty Claim there, please bring your broken DeFunc and your receipt.
  • If the retailer is unable to exchange your DeFunc, please contact our Customer Service – – for support
  • If bought at our online web-shop, please visit Customer Service to file your complaint. Make sure to include all details described and your cause. Once your complaint is with us we will contact you on how to proceed with the matter.

Any defective parts covered by the Limited Warranty will be repaired or replaced free of charge.
Replaced or repaired parts provided during the Warranty Period will be warranted for the remainder of the original Warranty Period or for sixty (60) days from the date of repair or replacement, whichever is longer.

Can I cancel my order?

We strive to deliver your goodies to your door step as quickly as possible, so there is only a very small window to mend a blunder. But of course If it has not yet been sent out, we will do everything we possibly can to cancel or change your order. Please contact our Customer Service with the following information:

  • Your order number
  • Why you wish to cancel it