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Defunc Headphones

Music and silence

When it comes to Headphones (on-ear/over-ear), Defunc offers the perfect choice for the two opposite functions for Headphones – MUSIC and SILENCE. Concerning the music, we work very closely with an acoustic expert in Sweden, who have helped us to optimize the sound experience. When it comes to our Active Noise Cancellation headphone MUTE, we have balanced the level of functionality very well with the price to give you the best Value for Money.

Cords and wireless

We offer both corded (BASIC) and wireless (GO and PLUS). All them in different price points that can fit each individual preference.


When you just need to tune out the noise. Another high-tech solution at a low price, MUTE allows you to concentrate on what’s important – whether it’s your favorite song or the sound of your loved one at the other end of the call.

Studies show that constant exposure to common everyday low-frequency noise such as street and traffic sounds can lead to stress, headaches and fatigue. We don’t think you should have to spend a fortune for peace and quiet.

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