For the Future

Sustain­able Audio

At heart MONDO is about amplifying messages. And we can’t think about any message more important than saving our planet. Therefore, all the core materials used inside and outside our headphones is sourced from recycled plastic.

The freedom of sound uninterrupted

45H of active play time

keeps your rhythm going.

Lighter feel

275 grams

For ultimate comfort, durability and longer wear times without feeling discomfort.

Make yourself heard

Dual enc microphones

For better audio not just in your ears but in others during important conversations with loved ones.

Richer sound

Dual drivers

So you can get cleaner highs and more pleasant low frequencies while listening to your favorite audio.

The trinity behind MONDO

MONDO by Defunc is the lovechild of artist management agency Monza and leading street culture platform Dopest. Alongside us at Defunc, the idea behind the new brand is to create a unique design formula that blends technical excellence and business savviness with the networking logic of communities.

We are inviting the voices of the scene to collaborate on new products and concepts, all the way through design, marketing, distribution and profit sharing. Together we create a new business logic that resonates stronger with artists and their audiences by being part of their culture. Introducing MONDO over-ear headphon esping 2023 is just the beginning. A whole range is already in the making. Stay tuned. 

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