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NA-KD & DEFUNC, an exclusive True Wireless collection on

With the launch, NA-KD, as the first partner outside Defunc's own network, will offer an exclusively developed collection of true wireless headphones for the European e-commerce market. The collection consists of headphones in seven unique patterns, all exclusively developed for NA-KD and will be sold exclusively on na-kd-com.

We create earphones so you can find what kind of sound is your style. NA-KD creates apparel so you can explore your style. Therefore, it’s a natural thing that we team up to create seven unique true wireless styles together. Sound good?


Based on our TRUE GO SLIM model, the NA-KD earbuds feature a world-unique MultiTip™ design that combines most-liked music, sports and communication earbud functions. This gives you a superb secure fit, long-lasting comfort and powerful sound. Add 22 h playtime, touch control, Bluetooth 5.0, IPX4 water resistance and exchangeable eartips, wrap it in gold and you have a pair of earbuds that’ll truly improve your wireless life.


Fancy Snake. Luxe Stone. Rich Plum. Abstract Art. Classy Black. Aspen White. Wild Leo.

The names speak for themselves. The seven unique case patterns are bold and fierce.


We’re all about combining design and function to develop purposeful products. So is NA-KD. We’re delighted to be NA-KD’s chosen partner as they release their very first earbuds. And we hope you’ll be delighted too.