User experience inside and out: The strategy of persuasive design

A brilliant webcast over at Human Factors International about how the Internet has created a “self-service” mindset. Employees (inside) and consumers (outside) expect to find information and complete tasks on their own. User-centered design makes it easy for them to do so.

Yet just because someone can do something, it doesn’t mean that they will. Read more »

Usability Methods Reference

Yeah yeah – we know – usability and user research is important. We always get told it, but in reality it isnt that easy to get your company or those of clients you are consulting with to get on board with the idea. For when you do or are trying to sell it through, sometimes there just needs to be a well rounded resource to help demystify what certain aspects of specialists tools and terms. Just came across and have to say that they do an amazing job at combining all the different aspects of usability professionals famous terms and tools of the trade.

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Creative commons – Audio, visual, text & images

Creative commons logoWhatever it is you need, the guys and gals over at creative commons have got it for you to use. Basically Creative Commons ” provides free tools that let authors, scientists, artists, and educators easily mark their creative work with the freedoms they want it to carry. You can use CC to change your copyright terms from ‘All Rights Reserved’ to ‘Some Rights Reserved.’”.

Best thing I saw over there was this awesome list of repositories for gleaning :

Do you know any other good sources of copyright free creative?

Anywhere, anytime flight info with FlightCHECK

A new product has just been launced over at YouTXT – its called FlightCHECK.

Based on the same simple principles of providing useful information quickly and easily through TXT, FlightCHECK is an anytime, anywhere flight checking tool. Giving realtime access to any flight arriving or departing NZ. It can be accessed over at or by SMS/TXT.

The coverage is pretty amazing and you can check any flight nationally or internationally by TXT by simply sending the tail number ie NZ1 to 8808. Within seconds you will get back a message telling you whether the flight is delayed, on-time or canceled.

This is a brilliant new service that is the first in New Zealand to cover every flight, and every airport. As a product it is available to the public, and also available for licence to any travel or airline industry organisations that want to personalise and market to their own customer base.

What do you think of this new service? Any ideas to make it better or more useful?

Automatic logout – good or not?

When an updat is rolled out across a system or across a site there is an expected down time. However when we are dealing with the world wide web there is no 3am at the same time everywhere – so what are you options? Read more »

Another multi-IE test tool

Just a quick note to let you all know there is a new IE testing tool out there over at : This is another option instead of installing the MultipleIE  standalone versions. Hopefully it will be out of beta soon, and also look at supporting other browsers too. It would be a perfect world to have one tool to test all browsers perfectly, instead of loading up different instances all the time. Well done to the team at DebugBar.Have you used this tool? What are your thoughts? 

Hotmail out for the count on Firefox

When a major player doesn’t support major browsers what does one think, other head in the sand. Hotmail has been slow loading and throwing un-responsive javascript errors for a long time now in Firefox on a PC using winxp and now it just doesnt load at all. Read more »