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As a Defunc affiliate, you'll be promoting a brand that stands for quality and innovation. Moreover, our range of earbuds and speakers are designed with the user's lifestyle in mind, ensuring that there's a perfect Defunc product for every moment. Whether it's for an intense workout session, a relaxing evening, or anything in between, Defunc delivers the right sound for the right time. Furthermore, joining the Defunc Affiliate Program offers numerous benefits. As a partner, you'll be part of a growing community passionate about quality audio. Additionally, by promoting our top-tier earbuds and speakers, you'll tap into a lucrative market of tech enthusiasts and audiophiles. Consequently, with Defunc, you get the advantage of promoting products that are not only high in quality but also in demand, increasing your chances of earning significant commissions.

Why partnering with Defunc?

Our focus extends beyond creating audio products.

We’re committed to crafting immersive listening experiences. Founded in Stockholm in 2015, our brand merges Swedish design with state-of-the-art functionality. Consequently, this unique combination appeals to sound enthusiasts globally.

If you are a content creator, influencer, or blogger passionate about technology and audio gear, our affiliate program is an excellent opportunity. By integrating your content with our affiliate links, you can monetize your audience’s interest in high-quality audio products. So, whether you run blog, maybe a YouTube channel, or a social media platform, partnering with Defunc adds value to your content and opens up new revenue streams.

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