Our multiroom Wi-Fi speaker gives you smart and powerful sound. But how? Let audio engineer and acoustics expert Henrik Isaksson tell you about the making of Defunc HOME.

What’s been your goal with Defunc HOME?

The team and I have focused on two main goals. The first goal was creating a neutral sound reproduction. This means that all genres and audio types suit the speaker and that your music sounds the way the artist and producer meant it to. The second goal was creating a fitting sound spread for home environments, where the listener can move around freely in a room without interfering with the sound waves too much. This means your music sounds the same wherever you are.

How did you reach the neutral sound reproduction goal?

We solved the neutral sound reproduction challenge by equipping the speaker with a real bass solution through long stroke elements, a bass reflex and a small air vent. We’ve also selected speaker elements that provide low distortion, giving clear, crisp sound. 

How did you reach the sound spread goal?

We solved the spread challenge by creating a design where the speaker’s sound waves spread spherically, as opposed to just straight ahead. The spread is balanced both vertically and horizontally, as well as long-reaching.

What are your pro tips for how to use Defunc HOME?

The speaker is intended to be placed close to a wall or in a corner. The sound can be optimized for different placements, such as on a shelf, using special EQ speaker position settings in the companion app. Place two speakers with about two meters between them to get an even more engaging experience in true stereo. 

How can the home audio experience be enhanced?

Well, modern interior design and decor, think open floor plans and no curtains, easily give rise to a lot of sound reflections where the sound waves bounce around. Decorating with fibrous materials such as carpets, thicker curtains and fabric-covered furniture improves the situation. Also, if you want to hear the clearest sound, you should listen to speakers from about 2-3 meters away. 

Any wrap-up words about Defunc HOME?

We’ve come as far as you can with this type of relatively small speaker in regards to clear sound and bass. And I’m proud to say that we haven’t used any industry tricks with Defunc HOME, which is quite common when it comes to speaker bass in this format. It’s all quite neat, actually.

Finally, what’s good sound according to you?

To be able to reproduce music as it was meant to sound as far as possible. To create an even sound balance, controlled spread and low distortion, optimizing all typical hi-fi parameters, such as acoustic image and musicality. I’d say that we’ve reached those requirements with Defunc HOME.


Henrik Isaksson, in charge of developing the soundscape of Defunc HOME, built his first speakers in his 20’s. He went on to work with sound in all its forms – from noise to product sound design to music – for several of the world’s largest and most prominent tech companies. Now, Henrik is back at his home base of Stockholm, and has made sure that Defunc HOME sounds just right.