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Welcome to Defunc

When I started Defunc, I didn’t just start yet another audio lifestyle brand. There would be a point. There were already too many brands and models on the market, and the consumer had a tough time to choose what to buy as it was.

You need to create your own right to exist in order to be successful in a market, and I knew I had to add something new.

So what did I do? Well, I categorized four models after what you would use them for: MUSIC, TALK, HYBRID and SPORT, each model optimized for each specific task. This heavily simplified the choice for the consumer! When they hit the market, Defunc offered all models in three price levels: PLUS, GO and BASIC

Defunc has since then grown successfully and is now represented on more than 30 markets worldwide.

I always strive to create and innovative unique products, always with the ”right to exist” mindset in the back of my head. I believe Defunc’s new and developing true wireless assortment proves that. With unique features like our own developed MultiTip eartips, the ability to adjust the angle of the earbud for that perfect fit, and boosted by amazing battery time, we will continue to stay true to what makes Defunc different. We will continue to offer unique value for money products, and at the same time never compromise on design and quality.

Feel free to reach out with any questions along the way.

Johan Wahlbäck
Founder and CEO