Defunc TRUE

Playtime  3h x 20 re-charges = 60h
Battery capacity/Powerbank = 2,100 mAh
Wireless rang: 10 m
Charging time earbuds: 45 min
Charging time Powerbank: 2,5 h

Defunc Bluetooth IconEarbuds
Battery duration
Music Quality



Defunc TRUE (wireless) offers you a comfortable earbud with great sound quality, sleek Scandinavian minimalistic design which give you 60 h of playtime (3h x 20 re-charge). However it is so much battery power that we actually decided that it could be shared with your device, so we put a USB port so it could function as a Power bank – 2,100 mAh. If you don`t have power in your device = no music!





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